Eduardo Castillo shares our values by aligning his career with his passions. Best known for his nightlife venue, Pattern Bar, Eduardo aims to redefine nightlife and community experiences in downtown LA. With his underground concert series, Voodoo, and other pop up experiences, DTLA's vibrancy & nightlife owe a debt to Eduardo's passion and taste.


When we first met Eduardo, he asked us to visit him in his office in the Arts District.  However, when we arrived on what was a staid industrial block, with charmless nondescript buildings that had bars on on their windows, we had no idea what to expect.  

Yet, when Eduardo opened up and gave us the tour of his space — a stunning warehouse he was in the midst of converting into a nightlife venue, we immediately saw his vision, conviction and creativity that wasn’t hadn’t been apparent on the outside.  He went on to describe his plans for the space, which he saw as an answer to and evolution from Hollywood’s constantly rotating and always impersonal clubs.

We went on to learn more about Eduardo’s past projects — like Voodoo, an invitation-only underground concert with surprise music artists like Nico Jaar; an outdoor electronic music festival in downtown LA; and Sunday Sessions, a curated, intimate concert series — and his commitment to quality people and memorable experiences deigned to connect them.  Below, Eduardo sheds some light on his background and his projects, and why he is inspired by the notion of TRUFFL. 

Please tell us a little about yourself.

TRUFFL: Where did you grow up?

EDUARDO: I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela.

TRUFFL: How has downtown LA evolved in the last 5 years and how has it been to be a part of the change?

EDUARDO: Downtown has evolved immensely!  Finally, people have realized that living in an pedestrian urban setting makes much more sense and is more sustainable than sitting in cars for hours. We opened Pattern Bar nearly 2.5 years ago and the neighborhood has changed drastically.  Dtla is becoming and actual thriving downtown with amazing restaurants and bars and palpable communities. I'm proud of being part of this change. Nothing is more exciting to me than to pioneer and implement my vision.

TRUFFL: Where do you see the neighborhood going?

EDUARDO: The neighborhood is moving forward with much sophistication.  There are fantastic boutiques, restaurants, bars and even hotels opening doors or breaking ground as we speak. All very exiting. 

TRUFFL: What is the best night you can remember in LA?

EDUARDO: Being a nightlife being, it would be easier for me to remember a bad night over good one. There are way too many good ones to remember just one.

TRUFFL: Aside from work, what are some of your passion projects?

EDUARDO: Music, and exporting the amazing projects I've created in LA to the world.

TRUFFL: He did you get involved  in music and nightlife professionally?

EDUARDO: It all happened very organically. I set out for a career in opera and ended up where I am now.  The more I do what I do, the more I realize that all that seemed to be accidental in getting me where I am now, was not.

TRUFFL: Please tell us a little about Pattern Bar, Voodoo, and Summer Sessions and how you founded these concepts. 

EDUARDO: VOODOO was first.  I set out to build a place where I could perform with proper tools and in the proper environment without the bs policies of the bottle service world. I wrote piece about just this in Flaunt Magazine.  Then came Pattern Bar just one year later. My wife works in fashion and I was always curious why the fashion district was not loaded with cool bars to go to. On a typical happy hour at pattern bar, you'll see the most beautiful and stylish crowd wanting to unwind from a day at their showroom. I wanted to create that home for my wife and her friends, and of course for the rest of the fashion district.   Pattern Bar still however is a music driven venue. International and local DJs grace the club sound system on the weekends, always without the attitude. Pattern bar will always be a labor of love. The grand park Sunday sessions this past summer came to life from a relationship of appreciation and trust with the parks director, Lucas Rivera. In a nutshell, he loves Pattern Bar, I love grand park and always dreamed of producing a free outdoor event, the rest is history.

TRUFFL: What do you do or where do you go to unwind?

EDUARDO: I try to travel to the tropics, mainly Mexican carribean (to feel close to home) and I ride my adventure motorcycle in to every forest and desert I can.

TRUFFL: What music is on your playlist?

EDUARDO: Anything with a purpose. Nothing to just fill time.

TRUFFL: How do you design your nightlife spaces and experiences to affect the experience?

EDURADO: My goal is always to find warmth and light in all the elements used. If someone walks in and feels cozy, then I've accomplished what I was hoping to accomplish. Of course the talent curating is crucial.

TRUFFL: I'm sure many of our members dream of opening a bar themselves,  is it as romantic as it sounds?

EDUARDO: It is if you do it for its romanticism with a solid understanding of the industry. For me, keeping the place fresh by programming it's music menus and concepts keeps it romantic and extremely creative. If you know what you're doing its amazing. If you don't it could be hell.

TRUFFL: What motivates you creatively? Where do you get your cultural inspiration from?

EDUARDO: I'm motivated by keeping things fresh and unique.  The final product and the anticipation of how it will be received is like an adrenaline rush for me.  My cultural inspiration comes mainly from music and artists that I work with. Also touring constantly keeps me connected to what's happening outside of our Los Angeles. 

TRUFFL: We've talked a little about this, but what inspires you about TRUFFL?

TRUFFL operates on a very similar basis than I, quality vs quantity and integrity above all.  It's very easy to pursue a sure thing in business or even personally, but the real reward comes from pursuing what's not so obvious and taking risks. TRUFFL understands this. 



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